Check out Local Hiking Trails in Hopkins, MN with These Websites

Websites for Hiking Trails in Hopkins, MN

Websites for Hiking Trails in Hopkins, MNFind hiking trails online to map the best route and avoid getting lost!

Now that the spring is in full swing and summer is right around the corner, many locals in Hopkins, Minnesota are playing with the idea of hiking. The first two questions on everyone’s minds are: where do I go, and what do I take?

Enter, the Internet! Brimming with information on local hikes and top tips on how to make the most of out the trail, here are a few sites that will help you pick an excellent nearby trail:

  • City of Hopkins, MN: The City of Hopkins has its own page dedicated to local parks and trails. The city’s Public Works Department maintains 19 parks and nature areas on Hopkins, and provides a list of regional trails as well as information about each one!
  • AllTrails: Simply enter your city and state, and this website will populate a plethora of nearby trails. Users can rate each trail, receive driving directions, tips on sight-seeing spots, and post pictures to get you excited! In addition, you can keep a journal of your hikes and scan for local events.
  • EveryTrail: EveryTrail’s technology allows people to document their hikes via GPS, pictures, videos, and smartphones. It’s a good place to scan for nearby outings, too!

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you set off on your chosen hike:

  • Online postings can be out of date – trails may be closed, blocked by fallen trees, or washed away by floods.
  • Always ensure that the trail is actually open. Many are open seasonally, but it may be summertime before they open their gates.
  • Always take a printed, up-to-date, reliable source, and keep it in a dry place once you start your hike.

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